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Dave, your coach Hello! Dave here again. If you are a member of Piano Amore, you may recall an opportunity that you had to provide me with
your assistance in letting me know how I could help you with your piano goals. Well, a significant number of those messages include
entries like "piano improvisation," "i want to learn how to improvise," "melodic embellishment"...

Well, that's what this is all about here: Improvisation
Improvisation for beginners, that is. You I have always felt that improvising is something that
ought to be reachable by everyone, not just the advanced or so-called "gifted."

This session will have you improvising, even if you have no experience.
Each Improvicadabra session will focus on a specific improvisational technique,
strategy, or concept. As new sessions become available, they will be listed here. Simply watch a few excerpts of
a particular workshop. If you would like to proceed with purchasing the entire session, simply click the
ADD TO CART button below that video. Upon completion of your transaction,
you will be provided a link to your session via email. It's that easy!


#1 The Blues Scale/Major Blues Scale Combination
Keep the monotony out of your blues scale improvisations

Only $10

(Video is approximately 11 minutes in duration)
Piano Improvisation | Improvicadabra


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