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The Magic 3
No experience? Or very little?
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"...[The Magic 3] was really magic for me. I really feared chords for awhile
and it just opened my eyes... I have not been this excited about the piano
since I started learning last year. I like stuff that just clicks and most of all
your approach, your method is really great..."
- Alanzo, Indianapolis, Indiana

Regardless of your experience, within minutes, you'll have the tools necessary to turn
the heads of other people in the same room as they marvel at your natural ability!

So, what is The Magic 3? Is it really magic? Well, to some it may certainly seem so. This is an ever-so-easy piano concept that even some experienced players allow to slip between their fingertips. Why? I'm not sure, but perhaps it's because it is a little too obvious for some to see! When I say, easy, I really do mean easy.

How much experience do you need to take advantage of this? Not much at all. Seriously, if you have some experience playing a few triads (chords made of of just three notes), you're ready. But even if you don't have this experience, you'll still get the hang of it just by watching and listening. So, you see, there's no reason not to  take advantage of this and start getting these really tasteful sounds under your fingertips.

What can you gain from knowing The Magic 3?

Well, for one, as soon as you learn what they are, you can start having fun with them right away. If you have never improvised before, you can use them to start improvising immediately!  You'll be creating your own improvisations that others will marvel at!

What kind of sounds can you expect to play with The Magic 3?

Simply click on the button below to hear an improvisation using The Magic 3. Keep in mind that not much thought was put into this little improvisation. The results that you can achieve are pretty incredible. You see, that's a great thing about knowing The Magic 3... results just happen naturally for you. But I will say this, the more acquainted you become with this concept, the more interesting your results!

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If you or someone else was to approach me and say, "Dave, I'll be honest with you... I really don't want to know all there is to know about playing piano. I would simply like to be able to learn how to play something so that I can sound good instantly and impress a few friends" then showing you this is what I would devote myself to during our short time together. You can be at a party, and if there's a piano available, sit down and pull this off and you'll be turning heads because they will be immediately convinced that you've been playing for a few years! Also, if piano improvisation is your thing, you're sure to learn some easy techniques to enhance your playing!

The Magic 3 really needs no further introduction. The only thing that's left is for you to learn it, use it, and have a ball with it!

Easy as 1-2-3!

Click the order button, give me just under an hour with you, and you'll know for yourself that this is easier than you ever thought possible!

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