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Cocktail Piano Secrets
Dave's Personal Homespun Series
                                                                                                                                                      Cocktail piano concepts you'll cherish for a lifetime!
Dave, your coach Hello! Thank you for keeping me busy! What I mean to say is the requests for cocktail piano tips & strategies
have been almost overwhelming! I say "almost" because I love it and see this is as a perfect opportunity to share 
with you some of my favorite piano styling techniques... as many of you know, cocktail piano is a forte of mine.
It really thrills me to no end when I hear from people with similar interests...

AND I wanted to do something about it!

Yes, I've let the cat out of the bag on some stuff you're likely to run wild with!
Cocktail Piano Secrets

This series is dedicated to showing specific techniques and strategies that any aspiring cocktail pianist is sure to
want to make his or her own. Why are they referred to as secrets? Well, what you'll find here is not likely something
you'll come across every day in the way of most standard "textbook" learning... at least that's my experience.
Much of what you'll learn was not taught to me, whether in book form, private lessons, or videos of any kind.
That's right. It's pretty much my personal experience "seeping through the cracks" and if you'll give these insights
a chance, I think you'll quickly find your own personal style being enhanced as a result.

Just For Cocktail Piano?

Not even close. The piano concepts you'll be exposed to in these video workshops are the kind that you'll be
able to transfer to many other areas of your playing. Whether you like to play ballads, swing, latin, or other,
once you add these trade secrets to that piano playing toolbox of yours, you'll have increased confidence
when it comes to using them as both a solo pianist as well as an accompanist...

Cocktail Piano Secrets #1
Cocktail Piano Secrets

Okay, the wind up... the throw... if you let this one go by, you might not see such a pretty pitch
for a while. But if you connect with this one, you're sure to take your playing outta the park...

If you have been involved with ProProach, you will definitely further develop an appreciation how what you
learn in that popular piano chord voicings program can be taken several steps further when it comes to
making those ivories sing. If you have yet to get involved with ProProach (and I strongly suggest you
consider it if gaining confidence playing chords in cocktail piano fashion is an interest of yours),
you're likely to quickly gain a clue how it can serve you well, since this session is a perfect
compliment to Lessons #1 and #2. You don't need to have participated with the program to
extract value from this one, of course, as a familiarity with a Major 7th & Minor 7th chords
is all that is necessary to enjoy what this workshop has to offer and you just may find  yourself
inspired to get involved with ProProach, since this serves as a terrific preliminary...

(It would only be fair to mention here that if you've enjoyed Sneak Peeks #2, chances are you'll love this)

Generally speaking, I am inclined to suggest this to those of intermediate/advance technical
skills, if one is to fully obtain maximum benefit in terms of applying the concepts here.
However, if you are an eager beginner who appreciates "what's ahead" and has the
tendency to view more advanced material as inspiration rather than intimidation,
then great for you! Perhaps you've been hanging around Piano Amore a while!

Two Main Objectives Of Creating This Video

1) Effectively explain this special cocktail piano chord voicing concept using a
video demonstration that was just long enough in duration to make get the point across in an
encouraging fashion without the "fluff" so almost anyone can understand it while being short enough
so that you will quickly be inspired to take your eyes off the screen and hop on over
to that piano or keyboard of yours to create some instant piano magic.

Lots of piano playing goodies!

2) Sprinkle it with enough little "goodies" so that you'll be inspired to go back to this
video again and again, using those rewind, pause, play buttons to grab that

special chord voicing for your "toolbox" or see a favorite segment over and over.

I hope I've come close to reaching these objectives and that you have a fraction of the amount
of fun playing with this little gem that I have had creating it. I love sharing these kinds of insights...

"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime."
    - Chinese Proverb

                                                                                         Cocktail Piano Secrets Revealed!

The particular chordal technique we are discussing in this presentation is one you're likely
to be excited about if you're looking for tasteful ways to make melodies mean even more
when there seems to be "room for something more." You know what it's like to be playing
a ballad, for example, and you arrive at the end of a phrase or a section where that melody
is not active and you've got a few beats or more of waaaiiiiiting for it continue (but it's great
for a whole lot more) Well, now...


Instead, you'll be looking forward to those areas in your music! That's right... you'll be looking
for every opportunity to use this concept because it ooooooooozes professionalism!
In addition, it's a flexible one that you can use in a variety of different ways.

Among Other Things This Video Can Help with:



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