Improvisation with 7th chords!

In this video workshop, we take a look at a very simple
improvisation strategy that can be used by anyone who
has a familiarity of 7th chords to create some pro-sounding
improvisations. If you want to improvise and know
some 7th chords, this is a video session you will
be able to grow with! Have fun with this...

In Sneak Peeks #1, the time we spent on that 4-measure excerpt received
great reviews so I've decided to devote this session to that section again
to add even greater value to anyone taking advantage of that session
(Though popular, it's not necessary to have participated with that session to take advantage of this one)

My Romance 1st four bars

A few short excerpts:

(Actual video session is approximately 21 minutes in duration)

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