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Sneak Peeks!
Dave's Personal Homespun Series
                                                                                                                                                                           Piano playing concepts you'll cherish for a lifetime!

Dave, your coach Hello! Dave here. I invite you to grab a favorite beverage and "peek over my shoulder" as
we explore this wonderful world of music and improvisation together : )

Throughout my musical life, many of the lessons that I have treasured the most were
actually those times when I had the opportunity to peek over the shoulder of a fellow pianist and
see what he or she was doing! Of course, when approached, they were usually quite accommodating
and eager to share what they knew. These rare opportunities may have lasted for 30 seconds or for
perhaps a few minutes, but when I left I knew I grasped on to something that I never had the pleasure
and privilege of learning during any formal piano lesson that I participated in. Let's face it... nothing
can replace those special little "aha!" moments...

Something I Want To Share With You

I would like to let you in on one of the most powerful, creative strategies available to the pianist who
is wanting to acquire that "special something" that allows an improvising pianist to play through
two or three choruses of a tune like Skylark or Misty with the tools and confidence to make
each of those choruses sound different in some respect. One might call it the "secret" to
musical creativity, especially as it applies to embellishing those favorite tunes.

Well, here it is is in a nutshell: (you really already know it)

If you want to speak in a language freely and fluently,
you must practice using elements of that language
over and over in different contexts.

You've already done this.

You prove it each and every day.

You speak the elements of your language
in the form of words, phrases, sentences
in a free and creative fashion because
you practiced using the elements of
your language over and over in
different contexts.

There you have it.

This is what you might consider to be the real "secret" to speaking via your musical instrument
in a creative fashion -
practice using the elements over and over in different contexts.
This is this concept upon which my creative piano learning programs is based.

Sneak Peeks   is no exception. Actually, we put things in a little higher gear here.
You'll be introduced to some unique ideas. You see, I also understand an important fact
when it come to this kind of learning process:
repeated exposure to unfamiliar elements
makes them familiar.
So this is an opportunity for you to gain that kind of exposure.
The aim is, within the context of a session, to provide you with helpful styling insights, tips,
and strategies 
for helping you to turn the heads of your friends whenever a piano is available.

Sneak Peeks serve as either a perfect compliment to ProProach or perhaps will provide you
with the inspiration to begin that popular piano chord program. Either way, what you get when
you purchase one of these sessions is an Audio Animation Video displaying the keys on the
piano keyboard that I am playing along with, of course, my narration as I play and demonstrate.

Learn In "Small Chews" Within The Context Of Just A Few Measures

The content will include discussion within the context of about four measures of a standard song
and a demonstration of various piano styling strategies including piano chord voicing
options, professional insights, and perhaps you'll grasp on to some pretty neat
"trade secrets" that you'll enjoy having at your command whenever your
personal musical style calls for it. With the context of the musical excerpt,
we take a look at a few different tips/strategies a pro player might
consider using when either playing that tune from a fake book
or from memory. The idea is to expand your creative mind set
by displaying different approaches to that musical segment by using
elements of this musical language  - specifically chords, voicings,
scales, & melody - so that you become inspired to use these elements
over and over in different contexts, including your favorite  songs, of course.
 You can hear an excerpt of each session prior to making a decision so that you
feel comfortable with your purchase. If you have any questions, simply email me at:
info @ pianoamore.com and I will be happy to help in any
way that I possibly can. I do appreciate that you're here.
Thank you : )
You're not alone.

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Sneak Peeks


Sneak Peek #2


 Over one hour in duration!
Session takes place within the context of the first three measures of standard song
Stormy Weather by Harold Arlen and Ted Koehler...


Enhance your creativity at those keys!
"Artistry reduced to basics"

Super for those who aspire to enhance those cocktail piano skills!

The three measures being referred to in this session are:

My Romance | First Four Measures
While enjoying this video, as you discover one insight after another, you'll likely
find yourself wanting to hit that pause button often and running those keys to
make these ideas happen for yourself before your very eyes!

How valuable would it be to "peek over the shoulder" of a pro piano stylist for an hour?
Can you imagine the possibilities?

This video presentation presents jazz piano basics explained in a fun and inspiring
environment. There are plenty of intermediate/advanced highlights
sprinkled throughout this one, too. 

Tasty Piano Styling Ideas!
Professional Piano Styling Insights
Enhance Your Cocktail Piano Skills


Introduction To:

Piano Fills
II-V-I Chord Progression
Tri-Tone Chord Substitution
Major Pentatonic

Minor Pentatonic
Diminished Scale
Blues Scale

Easy Way To Improvise Over
An Entire Chord Progression


Truly a super learning tool you'll be able to grow with!

Audio Animation Video makes learning EASY!

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Audio Animation Video makes learning EASY!

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